Hello here’s some info about me


I’ve been married to my best friend Devin for over 23 years.  Mother of 3 boys and 1 little girl.  The boys are pretty much grown.  We have a 21 year old Joshua, he likes to go by Josh, he works hand in hand with his dad.  We have a 18 year old Daniel who joined the Marines this year.  He turned 18 in boot camp.  Our youngest of our first litter is Gideon Dakota, he is 17.  He is homeschooling through an online program.  Our little girl, as you can tell i say she is in our 2nd litter, is Esther Rose.  We adopted her at birth.  She is almost 3 now, she keeps us jumping.  My sister and I have what i like to call, joint custody of our parents.  Our family moved in with her so that i could be full time care giver for them.  They are in their 80’s and have separate health problems. We have a black Great Dane and 2 black cats, and my sister has a poodle.  Our life is never boring and if it gets a little slow i will probably add something to it.


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