How to Counter the Attack’s of Travel


SWA plane I shot with words live life on purposeTravel depletes your immune system.  Even car travel can cause you to get worn down.  So even if you are not traveling by air take note of these tips and see if they help you to counter the effects of travel.

Travel depletes your immune system because it is just taxing.  You are stressed trying to make sure you remember everything.  Then you have a different routine so you are not eating the same and probably not drinking enough water.  If you are flying there are the extra taps on you of dry, recycled air, many people, some are sick already, crammed in a tight little area.   Many things attribute to people getting sick after travel.  So what to do.

A few days before you travel start loading up on your vitamins, drink lots of water and get your exercise on.  You don’t have to do tons of exercise but don’t forget to move.  Don’t get stuck in planning and forget to take care of yourself.  When you go to the store buy a couple extra things that I will list here and tell you why in a minute.

What to have on hand:

Your normal vitamin regimen (I have a great all around vitamin, mineral etc if you are interested ask me) don’t forget to keep up your normal healthy regime.

Natural Calm Magnesium in travel packets

gum preferably the kind with Xylitol in it -no sugar or fake sugar

Antibacterial wipes


travel water bottle

Activated Charcoal capsules- sold at health food stores

ear plugs – I like the wax type or head phones that shut out the outside noise

Compression Socks

Healthy snacks and/or meal

After you go through Security fill up your water bottle.  Hopefully every Airport will soon have the purified water system you can use to fill up your bottle.  Drink it, don’t just fill it.  Have a full bottle of water before you board your plane and drink your water during your flight.  If you have another flight then take your empty bottle because you drank it all during your flight and fill it up again at the airport.  The air in the plane is very dehydrating.  The air is recycled, of course there is no fresh air, you can’t open a window.  So you are breathing the same air over and over again plus what other people are breathing out.  Walk as much as possible.  I make a point to not even sit down when I am waiting for my plane.  You have to do this on purpose #livelifeonpurpose because it is so easy to sit down and relax.  Standing is better then sitting, walking is better than standing.  Walk up and down close by if you are nervous of missing the flight.  Or if you have time walk from one end of the airport and back to your gate, wouldn’t it be great to get a couple thousand steps before you board your plane.  Remember you will be sitting a long time during the flight.  Even if it is a short flight the total effects can be damaging if you are not prepared.  So be prepared.  Walk in between flights as well.  If you are on a long flight wiggle your feet, re position yourself a lot and  stand up every hour.  Use compression socks for a long flight.  You must keep your circulation going.  Drinking lots of water will help even if it makes you go to the bathroom a lot and if you keep your feet moving as well.  Do not drink coffee or alcohol.  These will dehydrate you more.

Bring your own healthy snacks so you are not tempted to have airplane snacks.  Check out my Reboot Plan or my Living Healthy plan to find out my thoughts on sugar, gluten and the list of what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy.  I bring little packets of raw nuts, seeds and a little dried fruit.  If I make the packets at home I leave out the dried fruit.  If it is a long flight make sure you pack a lunch from home of healthy food containing protein, veggies and maybe a piece of whole fruit.  Don’t grab a fast food lunch in the airport.  Sugar and gluten cause your immune system to be depleted.  Try to eat more fresh whole foods on your travels.  Your body will thank you.

If you have any issues with colds or sinus pressure this is very important to you.  The pressure on taking off and landing can damage your ears.   Take a decongestant  and a lot of water, 20 to 30 minutes before flight takes off.  Use a nose spray if you have a lot of pressure.  Use ear plugs, I bought cheap wax ear plugs from a grocers.  These tips are worth the extra to buy them especially if you have ever had ear or sinus issues.  The pain can be excruciating.

Chew gum while the plane is ascending and descending.  If you have children, they need to chew or eat.  If you have a baby make sure they are sucking on a pacifier or drinking to keep the swallowing and chewing motion going during the ascending and descending.  Even if you don’t have ear problems the loud sounds from planes cause stress levels to rise.  And remember stress causes your immune system to be depleted.

When you land immediately fill up your water bottle again.  If your bottle is full you will hopefully drink it more, don’t wait until you get to your destination to get a glass of water you are wasting valuable drinking water time while in transport.  Take a handful of Activated Charcoal with a lot of water.  Charcoal will bind any of the toxins that have attached themselves to you during the flight.  Do not take any of your vitamins within an hour before or after of taking Charcoal.  Charcoal will attach itself to your vitamins as well and take them straight out of your body.  It is important to drink tons of water with Charcoal.  You don’t want it sitting in your body.  Also I suggest having Magnesium with you.  Magnesium is great for de-stressing but also to help alleviate constipation.  Travel can cause constipation for many people.  I buy little packets that I put in my water for travel.  I love anything that can go in water, it makes me drink more and I hate pills.  My vitamin regimen is powder that goes in my water, so I do what I preach, drink lots of water.  When you are settled in your hotel or are back home make sure you take the magnesium if you have troubles with constipation.  This will move the Charcoal and toxins out of your body.  As well as the Magnesium a good gentle cleanse would benefit you tremendously.

Try to have good rest and sleep before, during and after your travels.  Lack of rest and sleep cause a stress in your body.  And stress depletes your immune system.  Take advantage of a massage or a spa.  These will help build your immune system.

These few tips should help to keep you feeling good as you travel.  Keep yourself moving, drinking water, eating good for you food and rest.  A few treats are ok but don’t over treat yourself or you will suffer the consequences.

Here is to GREAT TRAVELS ahead.

Genelle Ellis


If you are interested in the supplements that I use, vitamins for the day to give you energy and ability to function, supplements to help you get good deep restorative sleep, gentle cleansing detox or any of the other items I have mentioned please contact me at

If you want more tips on living healthy and having purpose contact me at

Some tips were gathered from the Bulletproof blog and some from my personal experience.


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