We will miss them


My heart is heavy

Death is all around me

Those that I love 

have suffered a great loss

I don’t pretend to know

I can’t even do anything to show

What I want to express.

I want to hold them all tight

Say it will be alright

But it seems so trivial

I have nothing to give

So in my heart and prayers

I say Lord “be with them

Show them you care

In heaven they’re there.

Dancing without any care”.

We know thats right

It should bring peace alright

But here on earth we have tears

We will miss them , the dears.


2 thoughts on “We will miss them

  1. vickiesprague3

    Thank you for always knowing our hearts and for doing what is needed most – bringing your friends before the One who loves them most. There is no greater or more valuable love from a friend.

    • I love you Vickie this started in my heart after your momma left this earth & today i had to pull into the parking lot of a post office because it was burning s hole in my soul, i had to get it out. I love you tons. I hope you know that.

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