It seems like one of the hardest things to do in this modern age is wait. To sit and wait. If you are like me you read your emails, take a book to the doctor’s office or play a game at the Motor Vehicle Department. I do not want to be left doing “nothing”. Every type of prayer is important, intercession for others, bring petitions to the Lord, warfare, praise, worship but how about waiting? What? I am supposed to just sit and be quiet? That’s not easy. It’s not easy in my life.
This morning as I was trying to sit quietly before the Lord, I was disturbed by thoughts of what is my 4 year old doing? What are my parents doing? I have dishes to do. I have a report to do! To sit calmly before the Lord, to keep your thoughts quiet, to be still and WAIT on Him, it isn’t easy? That is when we have to be determined. Is it important? It is important to calm your thoughts and say “not now, do not jump up to take care of…” Those moments of resting before the Lord are necessary. Those moments are beautiful and peaceful. That is when He takes you unaware into His presence. One moment you are fighting thoughts of getting on with the day and the next moment you are weeping and you don’t even know why. His presence has entered the room. He has blessed you because you waited. As much as I treasure those moments I still find it hard to wait. I guess it’s human nature. I must discipline myself to wait. It doesn’t come naturally. But I must WAIT. Can you WAIT?


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