Don’t let them wander away


I had a dream the other night.  It was odd like most dreams.  A couple hours after waking up, i had everyone settled and i begun to think about that dream.  You know,” Lord was that from you or did i just eat too late”.

The part of the dream that i remember was someone died.  It was a person who wasn’t in my close circle of friends the ones who know each other, it was someone that i had apparently come to know through odd events.  My friends knew about this person but didn’t know that i knew the person closely.  After their death i started disappearing from my group to quietly mourn the loss.  And after awhile some of the friends would come find me and talk me into coming back.  After awhile i would disappear and someone would come and find  me. The times that i would disappear grew further in distance until i finally stayed with the group of friends and family.

The Lord quickly began to show me that this is how we should treat each other.  We all have some kind of death or birth or busyness in our life.  As Godly women and men, we should be gathering each other back in.  When one wanders off and gets out of fellowship because of “life” there has to be those who go get them, put their arms around them and pulls them back into the fold.  .

When people wander, it doesn’t always mean sin sometimes they are struggling with where life has them.  Or sometimes they are going through such a trial they can’t figure out which way is up.  And what if it is sin, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.  We all have stuff that make us wander off from time to time.  Be the one to go find the person, be the one to put your arm around the one struggling and pull that one back into the fold.  Let’s commit to gathering those that are wandering.


2 thoughts on “Don’t let them wander away

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