Do what you know


I was able to teach a lesson one night at the Women’s Discipleship that i’m involved in.  That was a honor.  It wasn’t an easy lesson, lesson on Finance and Health.  I love to study health but i have to weigh what i add to my life by my finances and what is reasonable to my lifestyle.  I was able to share what the Lord is teaching me: 1) Do what you know 2) Rest in the Lord.  Of course this is not just for finance and health but in every area of my life.  I know personally that it is easier said than done.  It would be great to learn something once and you have it for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it?  It would be like “check, i got it, now to the next lesson”.  But it doesn’t happen that way.  We learn something and then maybe a year later it seems like we didn’t even learn it.  I don’t think that its we haven’t learned it I think its just a deeper lesson or maybe a lesson learned in a new way.

So number one, I am learning do what I know.  What I know is, I must lean on the Spirit.  I must trust what the Spirit speaks to my spirit.   He gives me what i should do I just have to listen and obey.  That’s the thing, you have to listen.  I believe that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us in quiet tones about everything in our lives.  Sometimes we know something is right deep down in our spirit.  We don’t always know its our spirit we think its intuition or something.  I know I need to eat less, drink more water, cut out sugar etc but the important part is doing it.  Just do what I know.  It seems to me that if i would just, Do What I Know, in many areas of my life, before adding something new, I would be a lot further down the road.

The second thing I’m learning is to rest in Him.  I have to learn to rest in every area of my life.  I love the saying “You rest, God works, You work, God rests”.  That puts it in perspective for me.  I have to remember my stressing out won’t solve anything.  Laying awake at night trying to figure out how something is going to work, really won’t make it work out.  This is what I need to say “Lord, here it is, i am concerned about this, I give it to you. You work it out, I am going to go to sleep”. He seems to work things out without me.  Right?

So simple and so true, 1) Do What You Know 2) Rest in the Lord.


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