Don’t let them wander away


I had a dream the other night.  It was odd like most dreams.  A couple hours after waking up, i had everyone settled and i begun to think about that dream.  You know,” Lord was that from you or did i just eat too late”.

The part of the dream that i remember was someone died.  It was a person who wasn’t in my close circle of friends the ones who know each other, it was someone that i had apparently come to know through odd events.  My friends knew about this person but didn’t know that i knew the person closely.  After their death i started disappearing from my group to quietly mourn the loss.  And after awhile some of the friends would come find me and talk me into coming back.  After awhile i would disappear and someone would come and find  me. The times that i would disappear grew further in distance until i finally stayed with the group of friends and family.

The Lord quickly began to show me that this is how we should treat each other.  We all have some kind of death or birth or busyness in our life.  As Godly women and men, we should be gathering each other back in.  When one wanders off and gets out of fellowship because of “life” there has to be those who go get them, put their arms around them and pulls them back into the fold.  .

When people wander, it doesn’t always mean sin sometimes they are struggling with where life has them.  Or sometimes they are going through such a trial they can’t figure out which way is up.  And what if it is sin, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.  We all have stuff that make us wander off from time to time.  Be the one to go find the person, be the one to put your arm around the one struggling and pull that one back into the fold.  Let’s commit to gathering those that are wandering.




I was at a leadership meeting a few months ago and we were given a stack of  little pictures that we needed to chose from and then we met up in a group of the ones who picked the same picture.  I chose the picture of small smooth stones.  So we gathered in a group and we were to tell why we chose that picture.  No one spoke up so I took the lead and explained my reason for picking that picture.

When I looked at the picture the rocks looked like they were in a dried up river bed immediately I thought of “tumbled”.  So I shared that I picked that picture because of the tumbling we all go through to make us into who we should be.  I was pretty short and direct in my comments and left it at that.  The next girl spoke, she looked to be about 20, very petite and cute, she said she picked that picture because it made her think of water and the ocean and how beautiful it all was.  The contrast between us was a chasm, to say the least.  We made it around the whole group of mostly seasoned women and the group grew quiet.  All of a sudden the young girl put her hand on my arm and said “you are feeling tumbled?  Is there something I can do?”  In all her sweetness, and she certainly meant well, I almost laughed.  She had no idea what being tumbled was.  And she thought it was a bad thing.  In my years of serving the Lord and just plain “living” I found that I need to be tumbled.  If I don’t periodically get tumbled then I become stagnant like the river that stops flowing and becomes a pond.  Stagnant water is not living water, its dead.  Tumbled stones are beautiful, they have lost their sharp edges and become smooth and shiny.  If you pick up a tumbled stone you will without thinking, rub the stone, it even feels nice.  Its cool to the touch and has a silky texture.  Before the stone became tumbled it wouldn’t have been picked up and admired, it would have been tossed away and not the cute way of seeing how far it can skim the water, either.  It would have been tossed to get it out of the way so you won’t step on it.

Andy Andrews said recently in a tweet “Adversity will shape and mold you to lead better.  A lack or absence of adversity?  There’s not much benefit in that.”   We should not be afraid of tumbling we should say “thank you Lord, I may not always like it, it may hurt, it may feel uncomfortable but you love me enough to not let me stay the same sharp tongued, callous person I was before”.  My tumbling’s have not been fun.  I didn’t like them at the time.  And the ones I am going through now, I would love to have finished this round.  But God knows best.  He knows what it will take.  I am trying my best to learn to be thankful in the middle of it all.  To not grumble and complain but give Him glory in spite of it.  I’m not perfect and I have my moments but I turn and give thanks quicker than i did a few years ago.  James 1:2 & 3 “when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.  For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.  So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”

Do what you know


I was able to teach a lesson one night at the Women’s Discipleship that i’m involved in.  That was a honor.  It wasn’t an easy lesson, lesson on Finance and Health.  I love to study health but i have to weigh what i add to my life by my finances and what is reasonable to my lifestyle.  I was able to share what the Lord is teaching me: 1) Do what you know 2) Rest in the Lord.  Of course this is not just for finance and health but in every area of my life.  I know personally that it is easier said than done.  It would be great to learn something once and you have it for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it?  It would be like “check, i got it, now to the next lesson”.  But it doesn’t happen that way.  We learn something and then maybe a year later it seems like we didn’t even learn it.  I don’t think that its we haven’t learned it I think its just a deeper lesson or maybe a lesson learned in a new way.

So number one, I am learning do what I know.  What I know is, I must lean on the Spirit.  I must trust what the Spirit speaks to my spirit.   He gives me what i should do I just have to listen and obey.  That’s the thing, you have to listen.  I believe that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us in quiet tones about everything in our lives.  Sometimes we know something is right deep down in our spirit.  We don’t always know its our spirit we think its intuition or something.  I know I need to eat less, drink more water, cut out sugar etc but the important part is doing it.  Just do what I know.  It seems to me that if i would just, Do What I Know, in many areas of my life, before adding something new, I would be a lot further down the road.

The second thing I’m learning is to rest in Him.  I have to learn to rest in every area of my life.  I love the saying “You rest, God works, You work, God rests”.  That puts it in perspective for me.  I have to remember my stressing out won’t solve anything.  Laying awake at night trying to figure out how something is going to work, really won’t make it work out.  This is what I need to say “Lord, here it is, i am concerned about this, I give it to you. You work it out, I am going to go to sleep”. He seems to work things out without me.  Right?

So simple and so true, 1) Do What You Know 2) Rest in the Lord.